Partner Sales

Sales Accreditation for Partners [Part 2] (EXP-ELE-CN-369)


Part 2: Inriver's Ideal Customer Profiles 

Elevate Your Sales Strategy: Inriver Solutions and Ideal Customer Profiling.

Unlock the potential of inriver to transform your sales approach by understanding and leveraging ideal customer profiles. This course delves into how the unique value of inriver's PIM system caters to various customer needs. 

By completing the second part of the course, you'll be able to:

  • Describe the defining characteristics of an ICP.
  • Analyze and interact effectively with four distinct personas.
  • Apply targeted discovery questions to uncover specific challenges for each persona.
  • Propose inriver-based solutions tailored to these challenges.

Duration: approximately 45 minutes

Format: Self-paced

Price: FREE

For whom: Partners and inriverians seeking to refine their sales tactics by aligning inriver's solutions with the needs and challenges of ideal customer profiles.

Duration (in minutes...: 45 mins

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  • Sales Accreditation for Partner [Part 2]-Inriver's Ideal Customer Profiles
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed