Business Consultant Certification Training (BC-CERT-01)
Business Consultant Certification Training (BC-CERT-01)

Business Consultant Certification Training

Upcoming Sessions

  • Amsterdam - May 22-23
    NB last minute change of location:
    rent24 Coworking Amsterdam Magna Plaza
    Spuistraat 139F, 1012 SV...
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Developer Certification Training (DEV-CERT-01)
Developer Certification Training (DEV-CERT-01)

Developer Certification Training

Upcoming Sessions

  • Amsterdam - May 22-23
  • Chicago - June 12-13
  • Malmö - May 7-8
Each onsite training session has 15 available seats, so don't forget to register...
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iPMC Implementation Preparatory Course (IRPIN001)
iPMC Implementation Preparatory Course (IRPIN001)

iPMC Implementation Preparatory Course

The purpose of this online course is to give you an understanding of the concepts and capabilities that is needed for engaging in an iPMC implementation project. NB: The course material is...
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Print Certification Training (PRN-CERT-01)
Print Certification Training (PRN-CERT-01)

Print Certification Training

Upcoming Sessions

  • Malmö - TBA Unfortunately there are still some scheduling issues. DUE TO SCHEDULING ISSUES THIS COURSE HAS BEEN DELAYED AND WILL MOST LIKELY BE...
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