iPMC Certification Preparatory Course (CERT-PREP-01)
iPMC Certification Preparatory Course (CERT-PREP-01)

inRiver iPMC Certification Preparatory Course

This is a fully automated online course with no onsite or scheduled activities.

General Information

This course provides all the preparatory content and exercises that need to be completed before...
DEV Training REMOTE (CH-DEV-Reg-Remote)
DEV Training REMOTE (CH-DEV-Reg-Remote)

inRiver iPMC Developer Certification Training REMOTE

Upcoming sessions: Due to the current circumstance inRiver has decided to provide a remote training session. This DEV training will be live with an instructor leading and participants will...
BC Training Remote EMEA (MA-BC-Remote)
Business Consulting
BC Training Remote EMEA (MA-BC-Remote)

REMOTE inRiver iPMC Business Consultant Certification Training

Upcoming sessions:inRiver Academy is pleased announce our next remote Business Consultant (BC) training session. This BC training will be live with an instructor leading and...
Print Academy (MA-PRINT-Reg)
Print Academy (MA-PRINT-Reg)

Malmö inRiver iPMC Print Certification Training

Upcoming sessions: TBD
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TBD: The Mill Hotel Malmö

How to enroll and register

  • Enroll by clicking top left on the  Enroll  button.
  • If you haven't...