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DSA Enablement 1| Get started (INTX-ELE-CN-322)


Discover the power of Digital Shelf Analytics

Understand the essence of Digital Shelf Analytics with a focus on inriver's Evaluate. Explore how this solution aids organizations in achieving digital transformation objectives and creating seamless omnichannel shopping experiences. Learn how Evaluate addresses lost sales through metrics on product discoverability, content compliance, product rating, and stock availability.

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain Digital Shelf Analytics;
  • Distinguish between Channel Insights and Evaluate; and
  • Clarify how Evaluate supports an organization's omni-channel presence.

Duration: 1 hr

Format: Self-paced

Price: FREE

Invoicing and Cancellation: N/A

Pre-requisites: N/A

Duration (in minutes...: 60

  • DSA Enablement 1| Get started
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