3. Certifications

Developer Certification Track (EXP-BLE-CY-277)


In this course, you learn the basics for creating customizations and developing extensions and integrations in inriver. It consists of video sessions, code assignments, and links to relevant articles in the inriver community. 

Upcoming Sessions 2023

  • November 28 (Q&A) and 29 (Exam)
  • December 18 (Q&A) and 19 (Exam)

We encourage you to register for our sessions early, as a minimum of 5 registrations is required for the workshops to proceed. If we do not meet this minimum requirement, we will need to cancel the scheduled workshops. Cancellations are posted on the course's landing page and email announcements are also sent to the registered participants a week before the scheduled event.

If you are new to inriver we recommend taking the modules sequentially. Allow 16 - 20 hours of total study time to complete all modules. We strongly recommend you have at least 6 months of experience in programming C#, Visual Studio, and .Net framework. Read more about future support for .Net Core.

Free version

You can watch all the modules in the course free of charge. Click Enroll to start the course. Note: when registering, please note that the times indicated are CET (Central European Time).

Certification Package

By registering for the Examination and Q&A session, you agree that you will be billed the training fee of EUR 750 / USD 750 via invoice after you have attended the certification session. The fee includes access to the inriver Training Environment with a dedicated account. You will receive the credentials one week before the Q&A session. If a cancellation or rescheduling request is received less than 10 (ten) working days before the Q&A session or in the case of absence without prior notice, the entire training fee will be invoiced without notice.

To register for the Q&A and Examination session, click Enroll and select a date in the module Register for Q&A Session (Cert Package EUR 750 / USD 750) and Register for Examination Session (Cert Package).

The certification fee includes two examination attempts within 12 months.

Please note that our certification tracks have an instructor-led component in the form of an online Q&A session and an examination session. Whereas participants can take the self-paced parts of the course at any time, we currently have a cap of 16 participants per course in connection with the instructor-led components and the assignment of temporary user accounts to practice in our training environment.

Because of this, the system does not allow participants to formally register for the course once a course has started or if the maximum registration capacity has been reached.

For further details, get in touch with us at academy@inriver.com

  • Let's get started
  • Hello and Welcome!
  • Register for Certification Package 750 USD / 750 EUR
  • FAQ
  • Get to know your Course Instructor, Fredrik Lundgren!
  • The Service Center & Community
  • Meet Nicky Lilja, inRiver Community Manger
  • Why PIM - why inRiver?
  • The inRiver Domain
  • This is what you learn
  • The Data Model
  • Data Model guidelines
  • The Data model in the Control Center
  • Data Types
  • Introduction to Controlled Vocabulary Lists
  • Restrictions on Identifiers
  • Model vs Data
  • Enrich app and Completeness
  • Learn more about the inriver Data Model
  • Test your knowledge
  • Handout data model
  • Remoting API
  • This is what you learn
  • API Services
  • Introduction to Code Assignment
  • Quick Start Console Application
  • Code Assignment: Entities
  • Code Assignment: Links
  • Code Assignment: CVLs
  • Four Ways of Searching
  • Advanced Data Model Scenario
  • This is what you learn
  • Data Model Scenarios
  • Handout advanced data model
  • Integration Points
  • This is what you learn
  • Introduction to Extensions
  • Extensions Channels and Syndicate
  • Server Extension Code Assignment
  • Code Assignment Run through
  • Code Assignment Solution
  • Extensions Part 3
  • inRiver Syndicate
  • Syndication Extension and Channels
  • Extensions & Syndicate Handout
  • This is what you learn
  • inRiver RestAPI
  • Use cases for HTML templates
  • RestAPI handout
  • inRiver integrations framework (IIF)
  • This is what you learn
  • Integration Framework
  • Change Sender Code Assignment
  • Assignment instructions
  • Code Assignment Run through
  • Code Assignment Solution
  • Course Evaluation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed