4. Recertification

Prepare for Developer Recertification (EXP-ELE-RC-274)


This course includes free modules designed to aid in Developer recertification. Code assignments within this course are part of the existing Developer Certification track, available for a fee. Please note, this preparation course does not grant access to the inriver training environment.

Duration: 16 - 20 hrs

Format: Self-paced

Price: FREE

Invoicing and Cancellation: N/A

  • Let's get started
  • Hello and Welcome!
  • Get to know your Course Instructor, Fredrik Lundgren!
  • inriver Community
  • Why PIM - why inRiver?
  • The inRiver Domain
  • This is what you learn
  • The Data Model
  • Data Model guidelines
  • The Data model in the Control Center
  • Data Types
  • Introduction to Controlled Vocabulary Lists
  • Restrictions on Identifiers
  • Model vs Data
  • Enrich app and Completeness
  • Learn more about the inRiver Data Model
  • Test your knowledge
  • Handout data model
  • Remoting API
  • This is what you learn
  • API Services
  • Introduction to Code Assignment
  • Quick Start Console Application
  • Code Assignment: Entities
  • Code Assignment: Links
  • Code Assignment: CVLs
  • Four Ways of Searching
  • Advanced Data Model Scenario
  • This is what you learn
  • Data Model Scenarios
  • Handout advanced data model
  • Integration Points
  • This is what you learn
  • Introduction to Extensions
  • Extensions Channels and Syndicate
  • Server Extension Code Assignment
  • Code Assignment Run through
  • Code Assignment Solution
  • Extensions Part 3
  • inRiver Syndicate
  • Syndication Extension and Channels
  • Extensions & Syndicate Handout
  • This is what you learn
  • inRiver RestAPI
  • Use cases for HTML templates
  • RestAPI handout
  • inRiver integrations framework (IIF)
  • This is what you learn
  • Integration Framework
  • Change Sender Code Assignment
  • Assignment instructions
  • Code Assignment Run through
  • Code Assignment Solution
  • Course Evaluation
  • How did it go?
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed