4. Recertification

Prepare for Developer Recertification (EXP-ELE-RC-274)


This course contains free modules that allow you to prepare for the Developer recertification. The code assignments in this course are part of the current Developer Certification track (for fee). This preparation course doesn't include access to the inriver training environment. 

Allow 16 - 20 hours of total study time to complete all modules.

Free version

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  • Let's get started
  • Hello and Welcome!
  • Get to know your Course Instructor, Fredrik Lundgren!
  • inriver Community
  • Why PIM - why inRiver?
  • The inRiver Domain
  • This is what you learn
  • The Data Model
  • Data Model guidelines
  • The Data model in the Control Center
  • Data Types
  • Introduction to Controlled Vocabulary Lists
  • Restrictions on Identifiers
  • Model vs Data
  • Enrich app and Completeness
  • Learn more about the inRiver Data Model
  • Test your knowledge
  • Handout data model
  • Remoting API
  • This is what you learn
  • API Services
  • Introduction to Code Assignment
  • Quick Start Console Application
  • Code Assignment: Entities
  • Code Assignment: Links
  • Code Assignment: CVLs
  • Four Ways of Searching
  • Advanced Data Model Scenario
  • This is what you learn
  • Data Model Scenarios
  • Handout advanced data model
  • Integration Points
  • This is what you learn
  • Introduction to Extensions
  • Extensions Channels and Syndicate
  • Server Extension Code Assignment
  • Code Assignment Run through
  • Code Assignment Solution
  • Extensions Part 3
  • inRiver Syndicate
  • Syndication Extension and Channels
  • Extensions & Syndicate Handout
  • This is what you learn
  • inRiver RestAPI
  • Use cases for HTML templates
  • RestAPI handout
  • inRiver integrations framework (IIF)
  • This is what you learn
  • Integration Framework
  • Change Sender Code Assignment
  • Assignment instructions
  • Code Assignment Run through
  • Code Assignment Solution
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed