Business Consulting

BC Training *Remote & Live* (MA-BC-Remote)


Global *Remote & Live* inRiver iPMC Business Consultant Certification Training

A tutor lead session of 5 live webinars from our offices in Sweden and Chicago. We welcome students from across the globe to all of our courses, regardless of timezone. Accordingly, we encourage our EMEA students to attend our Chicago led sessions as an alternative to our Swedish led sessions

The complete 5 day course of webinars will cost €1050 per head. Please be advised that enrolling on the course represents a commitment to pay for the course.

Our Webinars are broken out into multiple days from Monday to Friday in 3hr sessions per day. To become certified you will need to pass our Academy exam which you sit in the final session on the Friday. Its essential you are available for all 5 days.

Enrol for this course and then reserve your seat.


Once you register for the course instructions will be sent out to join the remote session

How to enrol and register

  • Enroll by clicking top left on the  Enroll  button.
  • If you haven't already created a user for the Academy Portal, you will now be asked to do so. Your account will be activated once you click on the link in the confirmation email you will receive.
  • Once you have enrolled to this course you must at your earliest convenience go into the course and register for the specific session you want to attend.
    Do this by clicking top left on the  Begin Course  button.
  • One hour after enrolling to this course, you will automatically be enrolled to the Certification preparatory online course. This you must complete prior to attending the training session.
Each remote training session has 15 available seats, so don't miss out by waiting too long with registering!

What to bring

You'll only need to bring your own laptop with a browser installed (preferably Chrome).

Purpose and Goal

In our work to ensure the quality of delivery, we train and certify individuals to provide you with the necessary tools to successfully implement inRiver.
The Business Consultant Certification Training will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to apply best practices to an iPMC implementation. This includes:
  • Understanding of where a PIM system fit into the total flow of Product Information and what purpose it fills.
  • Understanding the challenges of product information management and the needs of the customers.
  • Knowledge of the different functionalities and apps in iPMC.
  • Understanding of the concepts and components of the Marketing Model.
  • The skills needed to use the iPMC Modelling App.
  • Understanding of how the Marketing Model can support different enrichment needs.
  • Skills needed to build a Marketing Model.
  • Understanding of the principles and interactions that have to be considered when building a Marketing Model.
  • Understanding of the channel concept and its management.
  • Understanding of, and the ability to, set up and configure a basic enrichment process with the tools part of the Harmony in Workload concept.


After completing this training and having passed the certification assignment you will receive a certification diploma. This will be valid for two years, after which you will automatically get a reminder sign up for a brush-up course where any new aspects of iPMC will be covered. This will be free of charge, but mandatory to keep your certificate.


Course fee

Once you have registered for one of the onsite sessions a fee of €1050 will be charged via invoice.
  • Remote Sessions Registration
  • BC online training completion
  • Certification Assignment
  • Training Evaluation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 2 years