Recertification Program

Has your inriver certification expired or is it about to expire this year? Inriver Partner Management and inriver academy launched the inriver recertification program that provides an effective opportunity for you to proof that your inriver skills are up to date. 

Business Consultant Certification

The BC Certification Track  is delivered as a blended learning track where we mix self paced studies with Live Remote sessions, activities, assignments. You sit the exam on Fridays in a Live remote session.

For course dates and more information, see Courses for business consultants – inriver community

Developer Certification

The Developer Certification Track is delivered as on-demand modules including a Q&A Live session and an Examination Live session. Enroll to the course to register for the sessions. 

For course dates and more information, see Courses for developers – inriver community

To see all available courses, go to the Course catalog, or log in and go to the Calendar