Master inriver Workflows

Enhance your skills with our self-paced mini-courses designed for Workflow Creators and Users.

inriver Workflows - The Creator Role

Learn to configure complex workflows that streamline the product information lifecycle, boosting efficiency and collaboration.

inriver Workflows - The User Role

Understand how to execute your role within configured workflows, ensuring you can efficiently find and perform assignments.

Maximize your sales potential with our new Sales Accreditation course!

Master inriver's Value Proposition
Unpack inriver's benefits: features, pillars, and communication strategies

Transform Your Sales Approach
Learn how inriver caters to diverse needs through ideal customer profiling.

Tailor Solutions and Package Deals
Align inriver solutions with customer needs through flexible pricing and packaging options.

Become an inriver Super User!

Gain a better understanding of the underlying inriver architecture

Excel at working in the Web Portal

Develop the skills to support and onboard fellow inriver users

Familiarize yourself with all the important inriver resources that will help facilitate a smoother PIM journey

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